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Anyone who presents even a mild strain on this already-overtaxed system -- like us -- are deemed Sinners, and in turn are given exorbitant million-year prison sentences that can only be reduced by working for the state, towards what the government deems The Greater Good. Using points earned by Donating to the Greater Good, you have to buy the right to sit down, to run, to talk to people of the opposite sex.

It made me wish the campaign focused less on endless chatter and exposition and more on playing up the oddity and unsettling nature of everything around you, especially since much of what you do revolves around whittling down your sentence. Freedom Wars' insistence on making you feel like an isolated, dangerous, and mistreated prisoner truly goes above and beyond, and is perhaps its greatest calling card.

That’s one interpretation — if you are ignorant of how the law works, haven’t actually read the bill or are just pandering to a political base.

When they are not met, research has found that psychological damage can occur, including feelings of rage and betrayal, lowering of sexual and personal confidence, and damage to self-image.Depending on the context, men and women can experience social consequences if their act of infidelity becomes public.The form and extent of these consequences are often dependent on the gender of the unfaithful person.Freedom Wars certainly isn't the only Monster Hunter clone available on Vita, but it’s perhaps its most successful one.The staying power of its addictive fight-loot-upgrade cycle is enhanced by deep gameplay and customization options, though those occasionally do get lost behind a couple of unfortunate design choices.

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