Spotify collaborative playlist not updating

Everything updated fine on the windows and android sonos app and I was able to use it.

Until then, it remains a slick way to to let your i Phone-toting guests make a quick party playlist so you can concentrate on making the punch.

It might be hard to believe, but not everyone thinks you should have total control over the music playlist at your barbecue/camping trip/holiday villa.

We know, your music taste's impeccable, but sometimes you have to allow a more democratic approach (unless you're driving, in which case 'driver picks the music' is non-negotiable).

While Turntable and Wahwah stream music live to everyone at the same time, like radio, Spotify lets you queue up specific songs in a collaborative playlist that invitees can access on demand, whenever they want.

Setting up a Spotify collaborative playlist is easy enough from a technical standpoint.

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