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Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder ended his latest solo tour Tuesday night in Clearwater, Fla., where a packed audience tried to sit still and be quiet. Vedder and his warm-up act on this tour, singer/songwriter Glen Hansard, were gun-shy after disruptive shows in Miami and Jacksonville where audience chatter and abrasive camera-phones became unruly. Hansard's music is textured and melancholy at times, the way a river is sad, and he was open about his love of the experience on the road with a legend, a man he respects with all of himself. Eddie Vedder is vulnerable to a fault, sure, just like Bono and Bruce Springsteen before him, assuaging the pitfalls of their good fortune by caring for people who fall through the cracks of American rigmarole.

He then did his part to keep the audience in line with a fast and purposeful version of "Respect" in which he prodded us to spell the word with him. They are all, as Eddie described it between songs Tuesday night, "Great, good people." It wasn't all soft stuff.

He is less depressive and manic-rocker tonight and more crooner, an altruist for sure, and the type of poet who writes of love, loss, abandonment, learning to fly alone.

If we as an audience could hear his message it would release him, for the evening, from the massively influential "grunge" era he helped invent.

The U-Men Light a Moat on Fire The U-Men at the time started in the early 1980s in Seattle and were one of the bands that other groups looked up to.

They were big players in the scene for a while and had a crazy manager who would dream up these stunts like wrestling or handing out barf bags. They performed at the Bumbershoot Festival in 1985 and there was a moat and they put lighter fluid in the water and lit it on fire.

They reunited last fall for a few 25th anniversary concerts.

The article suggest that they met after Eddie and his wife, Beth Liebling, divorced. That was the best article I've read in Rolling Stone in quite awhile. Trust me, if Bono left Ali for a model like Petra Nemcova, there would be a thread in one of these forums with 500 posts about the entire thing. Artists can have integrity and still recognize a fine looking woman when they see one.

, writes, it's "the term that bedeviled and, let's face it, benefited (at least temporarily) many a Seattle rock musician." Yarm spent more than three years researching this definitive tome, interviewing more than 250 of the major and obscure figures of the scene.

We don't have enough space to share the amazing stories in the book, so we forced Yarm at flannel-point to share his 10 best in his own words.

It was clear he was allowing us into his basement for a night of private reflection and a showcase of his remarkable voice and tender playing. In fact he compared performing the song without his band-mates to eating an ice cream sundae made of sand. As I listened to him I thought of Cameron Crowe's recent documentary, or PJ20, a look back at the band's two decades of surreal, Led Zeppelin-type success. In its inception, my actions would kill all the empathy Eddie Vedder asked of me as a Floridian. As I found his eyes, I searched for wordage that would come off... "No," his wife said, "the audience was very good last night." I was proud of Clearwater/St. "Empathetic enough," I said, and they both nodded sweetly, and said goodbye. A lesson to be applied Are you getting something out of this all encompassing trip?

Not easy to do if your fans are antsy for the rocker who used to dangle from the rafters during live shows, risking his life for those who'd literally catch him as he dropped from the scaffolding. " they yelled as the poor fellow attempted to speak to us about depression, love, PTSD, a dear friend's death and most crucially, the word empathy. The filmmaker has a shot of a daytime concert with Eddie as a younger man, maybe twenty, his hair very long, shirtless, his two hands choking the mike. "Just don't be a dick." It's only my own ego that begs for this encounter. I felt pathetic as he knelt to pull floaties over his daughter's tiny biceps. My walk to the car had my bare feet in the waves again. You can spend your time alone, re-digesting past regrets, Or you can come to terms and realize You're the only one who can't forgive yourself.

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Elsewhere, Vedder said Cornell "wasn't just a friend, he was someone I looked up to like my older brother." Their ages were just half a year apart, but Soundgarden hit the scene in 1988, versus Pearl Jam's '91.

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