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We schedule their lives from the time they are very little until they leave for college.

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Even though my parents owned a restaurant I don’t remember warming up meals from the restaurant for dinner; I remember cooking something and by cooking I mean heating up a TV dinner that we ate on a TV table in front of the TV.

"It was at this point--the point when my date finally confessed to being 49 and not 39 like his profile said-- that I learned what it feels like to chug Chardonnay and subsequently came to understand why people don't generally do shots of wine.

With a copy of the Royal Anthropological Institute's Code of Ethics at a my side (and a cursory knowledge of what worked and what didn't work on Sex and the City), I devised a personal code of conduct to see me through my little research project and agreed, after seven first dates, to meet an eighth prospect from at a bar just of Rittenhouse Square.

At just a month into my "Great Date Experiment" I didn't know that a profile without a photograph comprises an automatic red flag, or that an almost-50 year old looking for a mistress of the twenty-something variety won't actually tell you he's looking for a mistress.

Ever since Meetup updated their policy and disavowed speeddating events, filling them has been a struggle, never more so than over the last few months.

As I said last week to another woman who organizes speeddating events who has also complained of a slow-down, the only people utilizing speeddating now are the ones who have tried everything else to no avail.

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I scheduled double headers, where I'd meet one man for lunch and another for dinner, and eventually I got so comfortable interacting with the opposite sex that my luck in the real world began to improve as well.

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